About Us

Me and my two little beauties

Choosing a firm to represent your business online is no small decision. You want to make sure you are dealing with a firm that is honest, committed to quality work, and a firm that WILL be there when you need them. You have found us…Mid Atlantic Social Media IS that firm.

My name is Mac Cassity. I have been creating content for businesses and helping them market online and manage their online presence for more than 7 years. I have a detailed background in sales and marketing but more importantly, I am committed to giving the absolute BEST service to any company I work with. While I am the owner of Mid Atlantic Social Media, I make myself readily available to all my clients. By ALL, I mean the fewer than 50 clients we represent at any given time. You see, my father taught me long ago “If you get too big, your relationships start to get too small.” That is why we limit our client portfolio at any given time to just 50 businesses. This allows our team ample time to properly manage each account AND still deal with YOU as an individual, not just 1 of a HUGE number…relationships are a priority for us.

And while we don’t put down overseas firms, myself and all those on our team are US based and try to focus our client activity to those businesses in the Mid Atlantic Region. (most of our team lives in good ole Maryland, USA!) We do frequently visit from Virginia up to New York for meetings and if your firm has a large enough need, we have no problem coming to you by appointment.

My personal phone number is 443-285-2774. No amount of text here or FLUFFY feel good sales content can beat an honest to goodness conversation. If you want to feel good about doing business with Mid Atlantic Social Media…just CALL!