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Choosing a firm to represent your business online is no small decision. You want to make sure the company you are dealing with is honest, committed to quality work, and WILL be there when you need them. You have found us…Mid Atlantic Social Media IS that firm. We have been creating content for businesses and helping them market and manage their online presence for more than 7 years. While we specialize in social media management, we also provide the following services:

  • Local SEO Services
  • Website design
  • Content creation including press releases/articles
  • Newsletter design and management
  • Email list building
  • Graphic design

We focus on the Mid-Atlantic Region as most of our team members reside in Maryland, but as we often work virtually, our managers can handle online accounts in any part of the world. As you can see from our portfolio, we have worked with small mom and pop establishments as well as some of the largest corporations in the world…each receiving the same 1 on 1 customer service and care that has helped us thrive in this changing economy. Our process is simple…contact us for a free consultation so we can evaluate your current online situation. We will then deliver a simple, customized proposal of work, and once approved, we can begin getting your online program THRIVING in just a matter of days. Go ahead, reach out and find out why Mid-Atlantic Social Media is your answer for online marketing and social media needs!

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We are your Social Media Team!

We are your Social Media Team!

Our team will learn your business, your goals, how to properly represent your business and get to work communicating your message to current clients and future prospects. We can begin getting your results within 72 hours of starting a campaign.

Quality you can TRUST

Quality you can TRUST

Quality representation of your business is our number 1 priority. For more than 7 years, we have been delivering high quality results for hundreds of businesses all over the world. Mid Atlantic Social Media has the knowledge and experience to dramatically increase your online

Unlimited Support

Unlimited Support

When your business needs a response, we will be there for you. We pride ourselves on our ability to turnaround client requests incredibly fast. Nothing can hurt a business relationship like a slow response time. Email us now and find out just what we mean right now…

How to Choose the Perfect Social Media Marketing Manager for Your Business

As of this year, there are approximately 3.08 billion social media users throughout the world, and that number is expected to grow to 3.43 billion by 2023. A high-quality social media manager will do the trick to take full advantage of the digital social realm for you, but how do you know who to choose? Using the guide below, you’ll be able to overcome the challenges of hiring a social media marketing manager and find the perfect assistant to get your brand on everyone’s timeline!

  1. Develop a Clear Goal for Your Marketing Campaign

  2. The first step to determining who will be the perfect social media marketing manager for your business is developing clear, concise objectives. What are you trying to achieve with your marketing campaign? Are you an entrepreneur with a startup looking to grow a brand-new audience in your industry? Or, are you a business owner with an established company, aiming to reaffirm public relations in the digital social sphere?

    These goals will play a direct role in the type of content you’re curating for your social media profile, and thus, the type of social media marketing manager you’re looking for. Additionally, depending on your industry and the type of business you are preparing to promote, you will need to decide if your schedule for posting will be daily, weekly, or otherwise.

    The frequency of posting on social media (especially Twitter and Instagram) will play a significant role in your ability to engage with your audience and create an authoritative presence online. The regularity of your web activity will also influence the rate at which your campaign, and therefore, your brand, will grow. Solidifying these elements of your campaign will assist you in refining the exact skillset you’re seeking in an individual to expertly manage your social media.

  3. Define Your Brand and Its Current Web Presence

  4. After you’ve established what you want your social media profile to look like in terms of content frequency and objectives, you must complete one more task before moving onto the potential candidates. At this point, you must determine how your brand will coincide with the new social media marketing campaign.

    Ask yourself, what is unique about your brand? The characteristics of your company that make it stand apart from others in your industry are what you need to capitalize on in your online content. There is an incomprehensible number of businesses and influencers online – what about your business makes it so that your target audience should follow your profile?

    These are critical factors to establish because, again, they will dictate the type of social media marketer you’re looking for. The tone and style of web content belonging to an interior home décor startup will be drastically different from that of an established construction company. Further, business profiles that are in their infancy will be engaging with their audience and colleagues by “liking,” sharing, and commenting on other posts more than creating original content themselves.

    As you prepare to search for someone to manage social media on your behalf, recognize that another major characteristic the ideal candidate should have is the ability to understand your brand. If your online presence does not align with your brand's voice, your target audience will be confused, and this will hurt your conversion. Defining your brand and finding someone who can adapt to your tone and audience needs is critical to establishing a healthy social media management relationship.

  5. Know What Makes a Good Social Media Manager

  6. Before you begin considering candidates to assist you in your social media marketing campaign, you’ll first have to further specify the criteria of your search to know what “filter” to look through, per se. How will you know who is qualified if you are unfamiliar with the overall necessary professional distinctions and experience? Some of the most important traits and skillsets to look for in a social media manager are as follows:

    • Copywriting
    • Public Speaking
    • Emotional Intelligence and Maturity
    • Ability to Self-Motivate
    • Ability to Recognize Leads
    • Clear, Consistent Communication
    • Marketing Experience
    • Multitasking

    Of course, among these traits, the perfect social media marketing manager must be a frequent user of your desired platforms as well. After all, there’s no use in hiring someone to create marketing content for you on Facebook if they’ve never used the platform before!

  7. Using the Proper Avenues to Search for Qualified Candidates

  8. It can be tough to know where to find an excellent candidate to manage the social media profile of your business. There is a vast array of niches for the perfect marketer to specialize in, and further, experience on specific platforms may be more prevalent than others. For example, it is relatively easy to find those with social media management experience on Twitter; however, your options get a bit thinner when looking to have this work done on a more specialized platform such as LinkedIn.

    The channels through which you intend to look for social media management assistance will determine the type of applicants that will contact you. With this said, you should seek out candidates that are capable of managing several channels simultaneously. Establishing a presence on multiple platforms is the best way to maximize your brand's reach since not everyone in your audience will be flocking to any one platform exclusively.

    With this in mind, it is best that you join various social media groups that offer support to business owners seeking qualified social media managers. Industry groups on LinkedIn and Facebook are great avenues for this type of assistance. (These groups also give you a look into the criteria your competitors are using to seek individuals to manage social media for them.) In addition to freelance job boards like Upwork and Guru, launch your search on the platforms for which you are seeking expertise in social media management.

  9. Review the Candidates’ Portfolio

  10. Copywriting is mentioned above as one of the core skills that any social media marketing manager must have. The ability to write high-quality, professional, yet engaging copy is essential to many different facets of a social media profile. This extends from filling out your profile description to developing tweets and posts for Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram that generate excitement amongst your audience and result in conversions.

    Any candidate can say that they have experience in creating this type of content. However, they must be able to back up these claims with a high-quality portfolio. Additionally, depending on the type of content you wish to create, it may be preferable that they have experience in writing and curating information on a wide variety of topics.

    For example, you may occasionally need them to write tweets and posts promoting a new product. On the other hand, there will be times wherein you may require more in-depth technical articles that establish your position as an authority in your industry. Your social media marketer must be flexible in their content creation and research capabilities.

  11. Verify Their Social Media Marketing Track Record

  12. Multitasking, mentioned in the essential skill list above, is vital to a social media marketing role. To further the candidate’s ability to manage social media via multiple channels simultaneously, they will also need to know how to create and publish content through specialized software such as Hootsuite. Knowledge of helpful programs such as this will ensure that your candidate will be consistent in their social media management, as all posts will be scheduled ahead of time.

    As you verify whether your potential candidate has a strong online presence or not, check through their post history. Most of the time, the post will specify what software was used to publish the content (i.e., “Hootsuite, Inc.” or “Twitter Web App”). (Note: It is crucial that you confirm their use of this technology. Applying for this work without a quality online presence and no demonstrated experience of utilizing such resources is the equivalent of applying without a resume!)

  13. Shortlist Your Favorite Candidates

  14. Now that you’ve authenticated your applicants’ relevant experience, it’s time to start bringing your search to a close. Based on what you’ve discovered so far, which of your potential social media managers have what it takes to represent your brand online?

    According to your marketing campaign goals and brand voice, which of the applicants have demonstrated a thorough understanding of the job requirements and the capacity to fulfill them? Once you’ve determined who meets (or exceeds) the criteria thus far, curate a list of the highest quality candidates and prepare for the next phase of the hiring process: the interview.

  15. Best Questions to Ask in an Interview

  16. The interview process is critical to determining who is a great social media marketer on paper and who can turn their resume into action. Below are some sample questions to ask during this stage of the hiring process:

    Do you have a plan of action as to how you will grow our brand? A candidate that already has a plan of attack on growing your online presence is certainly one to consider hiring. You shouldn’t necessarily expect a full, detailed strategy, but they should at least have the following factors under consideration:

    • Relevant hashtags and keywords
    • Companies and colleagues to mention for boosting visibility
    • General content ideas

    Do you have experience in public speaking? As mentioned above, public speaking is a skill of critical importance in developing a strong social media presence. This seems counterintuitive, admittedly, since the digital realm is overwhelmingly composed of text-based content. However, live videos are increasing in popularity, as they are an incredible way to build rapport with your audience.

    Live streaming allows the members of your audience to share their perspectives and concerns with you directly. These interactions are far more genuine, plus, algorithms favor live events over pre-recorded videos. Thus, live streams are more likely to show up on people's timelines and increase brand engagement.

    How do you deal with disagreements online? We are all familiar with the volatility of the social media world. Hardly anyone who spends time in these virtual spaces has gone a single day without witnessing (or being involved in) “Twitter arguments” or harsh disagreements on other platforms.

    Remember that social media marketing is a form of customer service, so your ideal manager should be able to control their emotions and responses. They must have the capacity to reflect your brand positively and make customer relationships worthwhile.

  17. Freelancer vs. Full-Time Employee – Which is Best for You?

  18. When most business owners weigh the potential risks and advantages of seeking freelancers over full-time employees, they are told that this comparison is primarily concerned with individual skill. Understand that both full-time employees and freelancers are equally capable of providing the skillset you need to reliably manage social media on your behalf.

    The only notable differences you may observe between the two are the extent of their ability to self-motivate and the ease with which you will be able to verify trustworthiness with sensitive company information.

    Concerning the first aspect, know that freelancers are independent contractors. Hence, their entire career relies on them being able to motivate themselves to work and meet deadlines. If you plan to be hands-off and allow the candidate to manage social media all on their own, a freelancer may be the right choice for you.

    Concerning the second factor, a full-time employee’s position in your company depends not only on their performance but their ability to keep company information private as well. If you think you'll need a permanent social media manager that will be deeply involved in marketing operations, a full-time employee is probably best for your business.

  19. Finalize the Hire!

  20. You’ve determined your company objectives in terms of your marketing campaign. You have established both the general skillset required of a high-quality social media manager and the specific experience needed to manage your business’s profile. You have searched the appropriate channels according to the platform and software knowledge you desire. Finally, you’ve verified all these criteria in an in-depth interview.

    At this point, you are in a position to hire the perfect marketer for your business based on all the information you’ve gathered on your candidates. Choose the candidate that most appealed to you on all fronts and offer them the position to grow your company’s online presence and expand your audience reach like never before.