How Local SEO Services Can Supercharge Your Local Business

Search engine optimization, more commonly known as “SEO,” is crucial for drawing your target audience to your business’s website. By using high-value keywords and targeted marketing, your site’s content can rank high for industry-relevant inquiries. This ultimately boosts your standing as an authority and reliable service provider in your sector.

Typically, this is done on a broad scale with business owners attempting to attract customers from all around their home country or the world. Few people know that these same advantages can be acquired on a local scale, too. If you operate a local business, using SEO for region-specific search results will boost your visibility to customers in your neighborhood, town, or state. This local traffic-boosting tool is known as “local SEO.”

Growing Your Traffic and Consumer Base with SEO

Not all business owners have franchises with properties scattered across the country. The vast majority of them operate local businesses with only one or two locations in a specific city or state. Instead of targeting a global or national population as technical SEO allows one to do, these entrepreneurs can take advantage of data reflecting the online behavior of prospects nearby. Doing so requires the combination of technical SEO and hyperlocal market and internet research.

This technique will help you identify the relevant tags, keywords, and related secondary content to fuel your business’s reach online. By integrating the search patterns of potential customers in your surrounding area, you will dramatically increase both the foot traffic at your storefront and the web traffic to your business’s website.

Approximately 97% of consumers turn to the web to peruse through local businesses before committing to a purchase. Half of these individuals will follow through by visiting the store the same day. With expert help in developing your SEO strategy, you can maximize your company’s profits by appealing to shoppers in your locale.

Optimizing your business website for local search queries will boost your web ranking and push your business further to the top of the search engine results page (SERP). Localized optimization does not stop at the initial search queries, however. Even region-specific language (i.e., slang, community nicknames, etc.) should be integrated into your platform’s primary content (e.g., blog posts, explainer or promotional videos, etc.). By comparing keywords and noting related searches in localized Google Trends research, for example, you can uncover such information for SEO applications.

With such language integrated into your website, you offer prospective customers the critical answers they’re looking for, along with the incentive to spend more time on your platform reading and experiencing content that is relevant to their daily lives.

For instance, if special events are going on in the city, you can use such public knowledge as a hook in your marketing funnel. In small towns, for example, you might reference an annual festival, tying that into how your company can make this upcoming time better. Any unique problems your local customers may face should be highlighted in your site’s content as well, to operate as a persuasive selling point. These practices will build rapport between you and your customers, ultimately working to increase customer loyalty in your region.

Local Optimization Can Increase Sales Conversions

Localized web queries make up approximately 43% of all Google searches. This percentage represents a massive number of potential leads since Google receives about 100 billion searches each month. Millions – perhaps even billions, depending on where you are – of customers are looking for services that you offer, all within your region, where you are poised to do business. The only way to take advantage of this is by using local SEO services.

Doing so may work to your favor far more extensively than expected. Only half of modern businesses use this type of localized optimization, meaning you will rise far above your competitors in your area. Such an advantage will do wonders for your dominance in the local market. You can double down on these benefits by executing geographically targeted marketing campaigns alongside regular content creation and lead generation.

The higher your website’s ranking is for target keywords, the more abundant your conversion opportunities become. These effects even trickle into Google Maps. About 50% of people who use Google Maps will only buy products or services from the companies that make it into the top three search results. Whether you wind up in these top three spots or not, your chances of generating more traffic and subsequent income are substantially improved when capitalizing on local search behavior.

Sixty percent of business owners say that the geo-targeted marketing content yielded a significantly higher return on investment (ROI) than other campaigns. This is partially due to the proximity of your customers to your company location.

Customers are far more likely to travel to nearby businesses to make their purchases. A recent survey commission by Access Development revealed that 93.2% of American consumers commute 20 minutes or less for their regular shopping routines. Eighty-seven percent of them resist exceeding a 15-minute trip for the same purpose. The more luxurious the product or service, the farther they’re willing to travel, although not by much.

All you must do to take advantage of this is to rise on the SERP to make your local presence known by optimizing your content for local searches. Once your customers know you’re in town, you can start building a relationship with your consumer base. Over time, you will become one of their bookmarked locations for their daily shopping habits.

Finally, locally optimized content is significantly cheaper than standard search engine marketing (SEM) on a national or global scale. Since your campaigns will be more accurately targeted, you will see a rise in your click-through rate (CTR) and impression volume, all while reducing your cost per click (CPC) on platforms such as Google Ads, another critical tool for local optimization in advertising. (The average impression rates generated by local marketing campaigns are estimated to be 17 times higher than traditional SEM.)

If you’re ready for your business to outshine local competitors, it’s time to seek the guidance of a local SEO service provider. You can rely on Mid Atlantic Social Media and Marketing to improve your company’s web performance. With the help of our experts, you will enhance company visibility to your local consumer base, draw more traffic to your site and physical location, and bolster your revenue. Get in touch with us today to reap the benefits of local optimization as soon as possible.

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Local SEO Services

The Top 5 Local SEO Tools Your Business Needs to Implement TODAY

Businesses with a strong online presence are characterized by a high position on search engine results pages (SERPs), region-specific keyword and general usage, and more. High local visibility is critical, as customers are growing increasingly dependent on local business searches.

“Near me” web inquiries have ballooned by over 500% in recent years, with 46% of all Google searches aimed at local businesses. Further, 50% of those customers will end up visiting the searched shop within the same day. This statistic alone shows that you can significantly increase your business traffic and sales conversions by improving your local search engine optimization (SEO). Specify your content and data to the consumer base within your city or state and boost your business revenue by implementing the top-performing tools below.

Local SEO Checklist

This app is crucial to your SEO work, whether you are just getting started in developing your online business platform or have been established on the web for years. This tool was created by Synup and is designed to alert web managers to the prominent SEO-related issues of a given website. The app scans your website, highlighting drawbacks concerning on-page elements like title tags, URLs, and even location data (vital to your local optimization).

This SEO tool will also monitor your data related to Google and top business directories such as Yelp and Bing. You can create a Google My Business or another directory listing with location-accurate data, submit citations to the most important sites in your locale, and so much more.

As implied by the name, you can also create a checklist to address your top SEO priorities at any given time. Once your checklist is done, the app will guide you through the points, offering solutions for each identified issue that may be harming your SEO performance. This is a powerful tool that can improve any business’s web ranking and increase local traffic due to high online visibility.

BrightLocal SEO

With this tool, you can get deeply involved in your local optimization process with insights concerning your organic local search rankings and business listings, along with the latest customer reviews, and listing data. This tech allows business owners to use Google My Business and Google Analytics data and even manage social media connections.

According to a recent BrightLocal annual survey, 86% of customers read through reviews of local businesses before visiting. Regularly monitoring your customer’s opinions on local business directories, listings, and social media is critical to maintaining a healthy reputation. Fortunately, you can perform periodic SEO audits on your site with BrightLocal, as well as verify your on-site SEO and industry authority.


Few applications outshine GeoRanker when it comes to optimizing web content and overall performance within specific local areas. With this tool, you can sharpen your business’s local visibility by tracking your local search rankings and identifying online citations specific to your region. The key features are as follows:

• Local rank monitoring: You can track your local rankings in real-time by specifying the data down to your target city or country.
• Local citation finder: With this tool, you can submit citations to industry-specific platforms to boost your market visibility.
• Keyword density management: Keep track of how often you’re using specific keywords to maintain a healthy SEO performance.

They offer several API (application programming interface) solutions that can be used to monitor your search engine results page (SERP) rankings, manage your keyword usage in terms of volume and competition, and check your status in merchant directories.

Moz Local

This is one of the most well-known tools for optimizing content for greater reach to local customers. By perfecting your business listing data’s accuracy, performing regular data cleanings, and implementing deep Google and Facebook integration, Moz helps business owners grow their local activity, starting from the web first. It works by submitting your business data to the top data aggregators and web directories, ensuring that relevant audiences see your platform.

You can also improve your customer experience and loyalty with this tool, as it allows for streamlined communications between your business and consumer base. This tech helps you to better engage with your customers through social channels (a critical element in building your online business presence) and pushes notifications for location-specific updates and interactions. According to the Moz team, some of the best social platforms to use apart from Facebook and Twitter include:

• Foursquare
• Instagram
• LinkedIn

Further, you can regularly monitor your local listings to keep your web performance consistent over time. This multifaceted SEO tool will inevitably grow your business performance on several levels with more robust customer engagement and higher-quality local optimization.


This tool is primarily designed to identify citation opportunities for your business website, thereby providing a crucial means by which you can grow your site’s authority online. Accumulating more citations will also improve your search rankings, ultimately making your platform more visible to local audiences.

Though this is the core focus of Whitespark, this software is not restricted to citations only. Business owners can also use this tech to collect highly valuable backlinks, thereby drawing more traffic to your site and widening your consumer base. Further, you can earn and monitor customer reviews with the Reputation Builder and Review Checker functions. You even have the option to resolve any negative feedback, something that will surely improve your overall customer experience, even for those who wish for improvement.

The experts at Mid Atlantic Social Media and Marketing can help you integrate these tools with the utmost efficiency. We understand the significance of maintaining a strong online presence for local business, and the value of implementing local optimization techniques not only into your company website but your social media interactions as well. As a local SEO service provider, Mid Atlantic is prepared to enhance your business performance by boosting your visibility and traffic with the industry’s top SEO tools and techniques. Contact us today to get your business booming like never before.

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Local SEO Services