That’s not a business card…THIS is a business card!

What do you do when you get a business card at a networking event?

You probably look at it right then. Then later that night, you probably put it on your desk or nightstand. Then maybe in a drawer…then at some point, it goes in the trash. DON’T LIE! If you had every business card you’ve ever been given you would be DROWNING in them! The fact is, business cards are little pieces of paper. Unless we really need the product or service that person provides OR we are good friends with them, it’s not likely we will keep the cards for long. UNLESS…your card is something that no one wants to throw away…

I discovered www.MyMetalBusinessCard.com a few years ago and it purchasing those cards has been one of my best marketing investments ever. The cards are GORGEOUS and when you hand them to someone at a networking event, they are immediately impressed AND you become the center of attention, at least for a bit. Better yet, these people will not want to throw your card away and, it is likely that when you follow up with them a few days after the event, they will immediately remember who you are.

No, I am not paid by this company, I just love their service and product. So if you are looking for a way to make a splash at your next networking event, go grab a set of customized metal business cards at www.MyMetalBusinessCard.com and make an impact. You will thank me later 😉